In the past year, the funny simulator of Monarch Reigns has brought a lot of enthusiastic feedback – especially from users of mobile platforms. We were allowed by our own experience to understand how difficult it is to maintain a political balance and stay on the throne not just four, but at least two terms in a row. Reigns: Her Majesty is a continuation of “royal” entertainment. And, as it is easy to guess, this time we are offered to make state affairs on the face of the queen.

Women on the throne

Actually, feminization of the monarch is the main difference of the new project Nerial. Nothing has changed even visually: the same angular graphic minimalism, the same interface, the same regular change of power. The characters are talking on an unbreakable tibia, and we play in such a medieval Tinder, rejecting or accepting the suggestions of our subjects. Naturally, the monarch-woman in the lead has opened new horizons for the scriptwriters, and therefore we have a completely new plot with unique sets of events.

On the whole, Her Majesty contains an exclusively quantitative increase in content. Passed Reigns, and I’d like to be more? Grab “Her Majesty” without thought – pleasure is guaranteed. For all those who did not get acquainted with the first part, let’s talk about the features of the monarchical form of government.

Royal danetki

Game mechanics is simple: the queen performs the board, pulling out the cards from the deck. Each character is drawn with an event. In most cases, we face two alternatives – agree on a particular offer or refuse.

The Nuances is that the success and duration of our Queen’s rule is determined by the attitude towards it of four forces – the church, the people, the army and the treasury. Each choice improves the location of some groups and causes anger among others. Thus, our task is, firstly, to correctly predict the effect of this or that variant of the solution of the problem, and secondly, to prevent any parameter from falling to the minimum level.

They waved their hands on religion and took out the cardinal – prepare for burning on fire. People stared with famine – meet an angry crowd. However, too much of a success in all affairs awaits the monarchy. The head of a warlike queen of ordinary people will be released from duty duties on a guillotine, and Teresa’s mother enthusiastic fans will knock in a ghost of tenderness and love. The main thing is to keep the balance, maintaining the average level of the relationship of all four groups.

It’s not terrible to die – the potential queens in a virtual state pond pond. The place eaten by Christina Virgo’s dogs will immediately take some Edwin Romantic, and the board will safely continue.

Despite the structural similarity of episodes of life of different autocrats, the game has a main storyline linking stories together. One day after the death of the next ruler, instead of a “restart”, we will meet the Mother of the Whole Being, who will give us a mysterious book of spells and will report that the soul of the queen is one but constantly migrates from one body to another. We will not go into the details of the plot, but note that there are several endings in its clip.

In general, the charm of the game lies in the narrative itself, in the story of the history of government. Excellent humor, unexpected turns, freedom of choice and a sense of responsibility for it – all this turns the swift turning cards into a fascicle and rich in various non-trivial events, the process of governing the state. Here you can start a romance with a lover, patronize heretics and wage war with neighbors. And you can not do it. The decisions you make will regularly remind yourself.

Women’s Logic

The variety of problems that our monarchy faces in comparison with the first part has increased. But the transparency of the influence of choice on the attitude towards us of state employees is also lacking. Build a new tower to protect the state? Everything is logical here: defensive capability will get an increase, and the budget will lose a couple of points. But why, for example, the consent of the Queen to treat with the help of leeches necessarily must worsen the country’s budget?

Divination on the coffee grounds is complicated by the presence of queens of life goals – tasks, the execution of which opens new story branches and fills our deck with fresh sets of cards.

Some events are connected in quest chains. For example, a coronation will require you to remember a certain sequence of actions and implement it by selecting the appropriate cards. Some of them are rather difficult – the passage of the labyrinth, for example, can slow down the cheerful gameplay, if the queen has little wisdom. In addition, often certain events will be blocked if you previously missed the moment and did not perform the desired action – the same maze will require a pre-repair of the magic clock, which once fell into the inventory of the ruler.

Similar active items are perhaps the only major innovation in the Reigns: Her Majesty gameplay. Items from inventory need to be used at certain moments. However, it is not always obvious when it is necessary to apply this or that subject. In general, the local 100% victory – to unlock all the cards, to complete all the tasks and get all the “perks” – requires luck and a lot of repetitive passages.

Reigns: Her Majesty, like the original, is geared towards mobile platforms. However, for a home computer you can not joke to be carried away by the overthrow of the monarchy deck. And to make matters of state importance, using the arsenal of answers from “yes” and “no”, on your phone somewhere in public transport – the perfect entertainment. In this sense, the lack of innovations in the new part of the game only on the hand – no one complication is not needed.

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